Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Long time no see!

Long time no see!  By the looks of my blog it looks as if I've fallen off the planet.  Nope, I'm here.  Been here.  Just been roving around here, there, and everywhere. 

I have renamed my blog.  Previously it was titled "Just Roving Around".  That term was inspired by my insane love of travel and the sheer fact that I'm always on the go.  I still have that insane love of travel.  That hasn't changed nor will it.  And I am still am constantly on the go.

The new title, "Dress Shoes in the Barn Lot", simply clicks with my life.  Many of you know I live on a farm; my family's farm to be exact...the farm my grandfather started and now run by my folks.  There is ALWAYS something going on with farm life.  Unlike the town day job, there is no time clock and the job never stops.  Cows always need to be checked; especially those bulging mommas-to-be.  No matter what your plans are, if something is wrong you stop what you're doing and fix it right then.  There is always work to do!  Some times it gets stressful and I don't always like my plans changed.  But it's my life.  This is where God wants me.  And I'm happy with that!

You just never know what I'll be sharing.  It may be excitement about a trip; my adventures in Ireland, Scotland and Wales 2013 flew by!  And Germany, Switzerland and Italy 2015 will be here before I know it!  It may be something to do with farm life & living.  It may be something about what God is doing in my life.  Or, it may be something completely off the wall like having to help pull a new baby calf out of a spring branch while still wearing my office clothes and wearing those dress shoes in the barn lot.

Until next time . . .

Monday, October 8, 2012

October has greeted us with CHILLY temps!

Good day everyone!  We are welcoming October with CHILLY weather!  Now I know cooler temps are expected as we get into Fall, but we go from one extreme to the next!  Hello typical weather in the Ozarks!  But it's been down right cold!  These 30-something degree evening/night time temperatures is something I'm not ready for.  The last couple mornings have brought us a light frost as well.  Guess those tarantulas crossing the road a few weeks back did their job at predicting the weather change! 

This past weekend was jam packed.  I had lots to say "no" to because there's just not enough hours in the day and well it's really impossible to physically be in five places at once.  Started the day with the C Ridge 5K...supported a fellow Ozark Countian as he participated in the Arkansas Traveler 100 mile race.  It was nice and airish Saturday morning.  My plan was to run at 7am...I like running/walking to the sunrise.  But, it was cool and my house was cozy so I waited until 9am :)  Great stroll with great company; my momma.  I really love our time together walking and talking.  And, to be able to finally stay at pace with her, well that's simply fabulous!  Oh, and I ran more this time than I ever have...1/2 mile without stopping in part of it!

Saturday was also a wedding day....NO not mine! haha!  My neighbor's daughter got married.  It was a beautiful wedding!!  Congratulations to the happy couple.

After the wedding I headed to Springfield for my first ever boxing match.  It was held at the Shrine Mosque.  A good friend of mine manages an up and coming boxer so he got me a ticket.  I have to say it was really interesting.  Enjoyed people watching, HA!  But also enjoy the matches.  Met up with some new friends (best friends to my friend).  We had dinner at Pickleman's in Downtown.  Enjoyed visiting, laughing and having a good time.  Already looking forward to our next visit.

Only got in 10 miles of walking/jogging this week.  There were three days I didn't get a stroll in.  I definitely pay for that, too!  The first and second stroll after not going for three days always hurts.

Today I start clearing out caffeinated drinks and sugars from my diet.  I have done that a lot already, but I'm working on cutting out these things cold turkey.  Will miss my morning cup of coffee, but will splurge every once in a while on visits to Starbucks.....which rarely happens so I think I'll be okay!  HA.  As far as the sugars go, I really think I'll start seeing a difference in the waist line once I quit those.  Goodness I hope so.  I have been at a plateau weight wise for a few months, but I can tell I'm losing inches in the legs and hips...just not the waist, which is weird.  So, I must really focus on what and how much I'm eating.  When I started my journey I dropped 20 pounds in no time without much walking.  Now I'm walking/jogging nearly every day and the weight loss has stopped.  I haven't been as consistent with my diet which I know is the factor.  So, it's now time to get the exercise balanced with the diet!!

Until next time . . . Run for life!